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Yarck Cocksfoot, is a medium flowering porto type cocksfoot, which was selected to be more suitable to the Australian environment in regions with a medium or short growing season. Porto plants were carefully selected from the Mansfield area with the breeding criteria for Yarck focusing on vigorous seedling establishment, high winter growth, and softer and more palatable leaves. Yarck also has the ability to respond and grow with summer rainfall.
Yarck Cocksfoot has proven to be very fast out of the ground which is crucial when competing with weeds and other species sown in the mix.

Technical Detail

Recommended Uses and Regions

Yarck Cocksfoot is an medium flowering porto type Cocksfoot bred to establish rapidly to compete with other sown species, be much more productive and palatable than Porto. Yarck can be sown in areas that typically suit cocksfoot and also acid soil areas. Yarck can be sown in the autumn or spring.

Ideally sow Yarck cocksfoot with a suitable sub clover.

Key Attributes

Rapid establishment
Sowing rates:

<400 mm 2 kg/ha
400 - 600mm 2 - 4 kg/ha
600 - 800mm 4 - 5 kg/ha

Sow with:

Tall Fescue
Sub Clover