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Annual Ryegrass

Plain Australian or imported Tetila is a product that is typically annual ryegrass that may consist of a mix of both diploids and tetraploids. There is no quality control apart from a germination test and plain tetila should be used as a low cost option where quality and production performance are not important. †
NEW TETILA is by far the best choice when looking for an annual ryegrass. The crop is inspected under the Seedcare quality assurance program where crops are inspected for varietal purity and are only passed as NEW TETILA if they are true to type. With plain Tetila you really donít know what you are paying for.

Technical Detail

Recommended Uses and Regions
All regions

Sowing Rate
15-30 kg/ha

Sow With
Annual clovers

Grass Seed Range

AusVic Perennial RyegrassAvalon Perennial Ryegrass Avalon AR1 Perennial Ryegrass

Bolton Perennial Ryegrass Burst Annual RyegrassDargo Annual Ryegrass

DoubleCrop Annual RyegrassEndure Perennial RyegrassNew Tetila Annual Ryegrass

Gobur Cocksfoot