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The Vicseeds range of varieties have been bred or selected to suit Australian agricultural production systems whether it be a dairy, wool, lamb or beef farming enterprise.

Our perennial ryegrasses being Avalon and Avalon AR1, Bolton, Skippy and Ausvic were all bred in Australia from local germplasm with a strong emphasis on improved production, persistence and disease resistance over older or common types and overseas varieties.
These are the “best of the best” Australian bred varieties, suited to our unique agricultural production systems.

The Vicseeds range of annual ryegrasses Burst, Dargo, New Tetila and DoubleCrop are also strongly suited to Australian conditions. All have been selected for very fast establishment and early growth, with high levels of winter and spring production. Given our fickle autumn breaks good fast growth is vital for early feed and with early finishes to the growing season, high levels of winter and spring production are also vital. The Vicseeds varieties pack all their growth into the typical rainfall months and finish relatively early. Other later finishing varieties (typically from overseas) that cost a lot more, will not deliver when rain is the limiting factor in late spring and early summer.
No rain = No growth = No production

We also produce and market Australian bred cocksfoots, Yarck and Gobur, which were selected for speed of establishment, persistence and production compared with Porto and Currie.

Apart from our improved proprietary varieties we also produce Perennial Ryegrass, Australian Tetila, Wimmera Ryegrass and Victorian Perennial Ryegrass.

Grass Seed Range

AusVic Perennial RyegrassAvalon Perennial Ryegrass Avalon AR1 Perennial Ryegrass

Bolton Perennial Ryegrass Burst Annual RyegrassDargo Annual Ryegrass

DoubleCrop Annual RyegrassNew Tetila Annual Ryegrass