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New TetilaNew Tetila Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass

Annual Ryegrass

New Tetila is a fast growing tetraploid annual ryegrass that offers rapid early growth to out compete weeds and give early feed. It was selected for its varietal purity and suitability to the Australian environment, and as with all tetraploids has a high level of digestability and sugars which is ideal for both grazing and also silage production. New Tetila compares very well with other tetraploid annuals and has excellent winter and spring production. New Tetila is a true tetraploid and is a very cost-effective annual ryegrass and has been successfully used by farmers from Queensland to Victoria to Western Australia for the last 10 years.

Technical Detail

Recommended Uses and Regions

New Tetila is an improved Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass suitable for all regions looking for fast establishment and excellent winter growth. Much higher yielding than oats it can be sown as a stand alone crop for grazing or silage/hay production. Ideally it should be sown with annual clovers for improved silage quality. New Tetila is also perfect for oversowing dormant kikuyu or poor performing perennial pastures.

Key Attributes

Fast to establish
Tetraploid quality
Cost Effective
Sow with:

Persian clover
Berseem clover
Sub clover
Balansa clover

Farmer's Opinion