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DoubleCropDouble Crop Annual Ryegrass

Annual Ryegrass

DoubleCrop is an annual diploid ryegrass that fits into many Australian farming systems. It finishes its high levels of winter and spring production early enough to allow farmers time to prepare paddocks for a summer forage crop such a turnips, rape, sorghum or millet. DoubleCrop is fast to establish, provides high levels of production for grazing in the winter and early spring, then can be cut for silage and all this in time to get that summer forage crop in the ground.

It is very cost effective as you donít have to pay a higher price for later maturing varieties that you will have to spray out anyway. DoubleCrop also works when oversowing older rundown paddocks to give them that last production boost before preparing paddocks for resowing perennials the following autumn. Being a diploid the sowing rate is only 15 - 20 kg/ha, a big saving on overall seed costs without compromising performance..

Technical Detail

Recommended Uses and Regions

DoubleCrop is the ideal annual ryegrass to get maximum Autumn/Winter production for grazing and then produce sileage prior to preparing paddocks for a summer crop. It is extremely cost effective option in lower rainfall areas where the season finishes early. Why pay for seed that has the potential to grow into summer....only if it rains.

Key Attributes

Very early production
Cost effective - low seed cost/hectare
Ability to maximise production

Sowing rates:

400-550mm 15-20 kg/ha
550-700mm 15-25 kg/ha
700-850mm 20-30 kg/ha

Sow with:

Persian clover
Berseem clover
Sub clover
Balansa clover

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