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DargoDargo Annual Ryegrass

Annual Ryegrass

Dargo is an Italian type annual diploid ryegrass that was bred in Australia for strong seedling vigour and fast establishment and to provide quick early good quality feed for stock. Dargo is therefore ideally suited to our unreliable or often late autumn breaks in dryland farming systems. Dargo also offers exceptional winter and spring production and recovers quickly from grazing. Dargo can be grazed and then be locked up for hay or silage.

Technical Detail

Recommended Uses and Regions

Dargo Italian Ryegrass is a high producing short term diploid ryegrass with very rapid establishment. Dargo has extremely high autumn and winter production, particularly in regions with shorter growing seasons, such as Western Australia.

Key Attributes

Rapid establishment
High Autumn and Winter production
Sowing rates:

400-550mm 15-20 kg/ha on its own
550-700mm 15-25 kg/ha
700-850mm 15-30 kg/ha
8-12 kg/ha in a mix

Sow with:

Annual clovers or in a mix with NEW TETILA
AVALON or BOLTON Perennial ryegrass
Italian ryegrass
Persian clover
Berseem clover
Sub clovers
Balansa clover

Farmer's Opinion