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BurstBurst Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass

Annual Ryegrass

Burst Annual Ryegrass is a new tetraploid annual ryegrass bred by Vicseeds to be a very cost effective option for farmers looking for excellent quality winter feed and high quality silage. Early trials have indicated that Burst can compete with the best, but at a very affordable cost/ha.

Being a tetraploid, Burst is a high quality product that was bred right here in Australia. Burst seed is 100% Australian grown by Australian farmers. It was bred to “Burst out of the ground, but not Burst your wallet.”

Technical Detail

Recommended Uses and Regions

Burst is a tetraploid annual ryegrass that can be used in all areas where quick winter feed and quality silage is required. Burst will "Burst" out of the ground and supply excellent early high quality feed. Burst is also highly sort after for its ability to establish quickly when over sowing run down pastures. Burst is probably the most cost effective tetraploid available as it has PBR status, is certified, can compete with the best on the market and is priced to give farmers a very economical high performing option.

Key Attributes

Fast to establish
Excellent winter and spring production
High quality tetraploid feed
Australian bred to suit local conditions
Seed is Australian grown
Certified seed
Very economical
Sowing rate:

20-25 kg/ha when sown on its own
30 kg/ha for over sowing old pasture
10-15 kg/ha when sown with annual clovers

Sow with:

Annual clovers for increased silage and feed quality, eg
Balansa clover
Persian clover

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