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BoltonBolton Perennial Ryegrass

Sheep/Beef Perennial Ryegrass

Bolton Perennial Ryegrass, is a refined selection of Victorian ryegrass ecotypes bred by Agriculture Victoria in collaboration with Vicseeds. Bolton was bred to replace Victorian ryegrass in sheep/beef zones, and was selected to be more persistent, productive and disease resistant than Victorian. Bolton is certified seed and is therefore true to type, unlike Victorian that is known to perform variably depending on where the seed is produced. That variability isn't there, with Bolton.
Bolton, as the name suggests, ‘bolt on’, is the “best of the best” Australian bred ryegrass to persist in marginal ryegrass areas or where other varieties of ryegrass don’t persist.
Upgrade to Bolton for increased persistence and production.

Technical Detail

Recommended Uses and Regions

Bolton Perennial Ryegrass has been bred from Australian ryegrass material to be productive and importantly persist in lower rainfall and marginal ryegrass areas. It is a relatively low growing ryegrass suitable to all sheep and beef grazing regimes.

Key Attributes

Persistence in lower rainfall
Good production
PBR quality assurance
Sowing rates:

550-700mm 12-15kg/ha
700-850mm 15-20kg/ha

Sow with:

AVALON and other perennial reygrasses
White clover
Red clover
Sub clover

Bolton Brochure