Avalon AR1_right - Vic Seeds

Key Attributes

Safe for all grazing animals (will not cause ryegrass staggers)
Dense growth habit
High dry matter yield
PBR quality assurance
Sowing rates:

600-700mm rainfall 12-15 kg/ha
700mm+ rainfall 15-20 kg/ha

Sow with:

Other ryegrasses that have AR1 endophyte or are very low in endophyte, such as AusVic
Red clover
Sub clover
White Clover

AVALON AR1 Brochure

Grass Seed Range

AusVic Perennial RyegrassAvalon Perennial Ryegrass Avalon AR1 Perennial Ryegrass

Bolton Perennial Ryegrass Burst Annual RyegrassDargo Annual Ryegrass

DoubleCrop Annual RyegrassNew Tetila Annual Ryegrass