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Avalon AR1- Premium QualityAvalon AR1 Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial Ryegrass with safe endophyte

For the first time farmers have the option of sowing Avalon AR1 perennial ryegrass which offers the persistence and dependability of an Australian bred variety as well as the animal safety and economic benefits provided by the “risk free” AR1 endophyte.

Avalon was bred by the Victorian DPI to be persistent and highly winter productive, which it has proven over many years in the Australian market place. Avalon has overcome the poor persistence of many imported varieties being bred from Australian ecotypes. It has also been bred to be later flowering, more productive and more disease resistant. The endophyte that causes animal health issues such as ryegrass staggers has been removed from Avalon and replaced with AR1 endophyte which helps repel insects but will not cause any detrimental animal health problems and is totally safe for stock to graze.

Technical Detail

Agronomic Detail and Establishment Guide

To get the best results with Avalon AR1 you need to remove all existing ryegrass plants from the paddock to be renovated to remove the risk of contamination from perennial ryegrass that is high in wild type endophyte. This can be done by spraying out the paddock you intend to renovate in the previous Autumn, then sow a short term annual ryegrass crop (such as DoubleCrop), cut that for silage or graze it, then spray. Follow this with a summer Brassica crop. Then Autumn spray and sow. This gives three opportunities for weed control.
Sow Avalon AR1 at 12-20 kg/ha with clovers of your choice. If you sow Avalon AR1 in a mix with other ryegrasses ensure they are also safe for grazing.

Vicseeds Avalon AR1 perennial ryegrass is a fine leaf forage perennial ryegrass with a dense growth habit. Avalon AR1 is a versatile and persistent ryegrass which performs well with all stock types, particularly dairy with both set stocked and rotational grazing enterprises. Avalon AR1 has very good Winter and Spring production and maintains good feed quality through late Spring into Summer. Avalon AR1 is an Australian bred ryegrass which has been bred to persist and also give excellent production, and now has been inoculated with a safe endophyte.

Key Attributes

Safe for all grazing animals (will not cause ryegrass staggers)
Dense growth habit
High dry matter yield
PBR quality assurance
Sowing rates:

600-700mm rainfall 12-15 kg/ha
700mm+ rainfall 15-20 kg/ha

Sow with:

Other ryegrasses that have AR1 endophyte or are very low in endophyte, such as AusVic
Red clover
Sub clover
White Clover

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