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AvalonAvalon Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial Ryegrass

Avalon Perennial Ryegrass was bred by Agriculture Victoria in partnership with Vicseeds to overcome poor persistence of many imported varieties. Avalon was bred from selections of local Australian ryegrass ecotypes to be later flowering, more productive, disease resistant, and most importantly be extremely persistent.

Avalon being densley tillered with semi-erect growth is ideally suited to dairy production areas. Avalon will also perform very well in sheep/beef zones due to its high level of production and persistence.
Avalon is very productive through winter and into late spring, and is much quicker to respond to opening Autumn rains than many other varieties.

Technical Detail

Recommended Uses and Regions

Avalon perennial ryegrass is a fine leafed forage perennial ryegrass with a dense growth habit. Avalon is a versatile and very persistent ryegrass which performs well with all stock types particularly dryland dairy and with both set stocked and rotational grazing enterprises. Avalon has very good Winter and Spring production and maintains good feed quality through late Spring into early Summer. Avalon is an Australian bred ryegrass which has been bred to persist and also give excellent production.

Key Attributes

Dense growth habit
High dry matter yield
PBR quality assurance
Sowing rates:

600-700mm 12-15 kg/ha
700mm + 15-20 kg/ha

Sow with:

BOLTON perennial ryegrass and other perennials
DARGO and other Italian ryegrasses
White clover
Red clover
Sub clover