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Welcome to Vicseeds

Vicseeds is proudly a 100% Australian owned grass seed company. Vicseeds is based in Victoria Australia and is owned by Australian seed growers. Our speciality is both perennial and annual ryegrass seed all bred in Australia and bred for high production and persistence. Farmers tell us they want persistence from their perennial ryegrass and thats what we can offer.


The production areas for our ryegrass grass seed are mainly in Victoria where the favourable climate and the experienced growers combine to produce quality seed. Quality is guaranteed through the whole production system because the owners not only grow the seed but they also harvest, clean and bag it. Vicseeds has control of the whole process ensuring a high quality product delivered according to our customers' needs.


Vicseeds utilises a well established network of distributors Australia wide to provide the best logistic and agronomic performance in line with customer requirements.

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Grass Seed Range

AusVic Perennial RyegrassAvalon Perennial Ryegrass Avalon AR1 Perennial Ryegrass

Bolton Perennial Ryegrass Burst Annual RyegrassDargo Annual Ryegrass

DoubleCrop Annual RyegrassNew Tetila Annual Ryegrass